Concussive Brain Injury: Clinical Caveats and Interventions to Optimize Outcome – Webinar with Dr. Zasler


Greetings, Concussion Care Centre community! We are excited to bring you an exclusive opportunity to gain valuable insights from our esteemed practitioner, Dr. Zasler. In our ongoing commitment to promoting education and sharing expert knowledge, we invite you to view Dr. Zasler’s webinar that he presented to the BINA Stroke and Brain Injury Assistance community in January.¬† Please use this¬†LINK to view the webinar.



NATHAN D. ZASLER, MD, DAAPM&R, FAAPM&R, FACRM, BIM, CBIST is Founder, CEO & Medical Director of Concussion Care Centre of Virginia, Ltd., as well as Tree of Life Services, Inc. Dr. Zasler is board certified in PM&R, fellowship trained in brain injury and subspecialty certified in Brain Injury Medicine. You can read more about Dr. Zasler HERE.