About us

About us

Concussion Care Centre of Virginia, LTD is an outpatient interdisciplinary clinic that provides neuromedical and rehabilitative assessment and treatment for persons with acquired brain injury with a particular focus on traumatic brain injury including concussion. We also deal with the array of problems often associated with such injuries/insults including management of cognitive, behavioral, and physical impairments associated with trauma, including pain.

Who we serve

Individuals with acquired
brain injury

including traumatic brain injury, hypoxic/anoxic brain injury, and stroke

Individuals with post-
traumatic pain problems

including neck pain, headaches, and back pain.

Individuals with visual problems and/or

Individuals with suspected or confirmed endocrine dysfunction

Services offered

Medical and Rehabilitative Assessment and Management of Persons after Brain, Head and Spine Injuries/Trauma

Specialized Neuro and Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Medicolegal Consultation





Concussion Care Centre of Virginia, Ltd. was founded in 1992 by Nathan D. Zasler, MD due to his perception that there were inadequate specialized centers for providing care to persons with acquired brain injury whether traumatic or non-traumatic in origin. His goal was to provide specialized, comprehensive neuromedical and rehabilitative services to persons with acquired brain injury and/or post-traumatic pain.


Our mission is to provide cutting edge, holistic, functionally oriented interdisciplinary assessment and management of problems associated with acquired brain injury and associated trauma related disorders to achieve optimal functional out.

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