Dr. Zasler’s 2022 Lecture Schedule

  • Sept 22, 2022 in New York City at North American Brain Injury Society Conference
    • Cervical Whiplash as a Symptom Generator After Concussion 
  • Sept 30, 2022 at the Virginia Worker’s Compensation Commission Educational Conference and Exhibition
    • Concussion: Concepts, Conundrum’s, Caveats 
  • Nov 2022 in Chicago at American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine
    • Burnout or Moral Injury and Rehab Physicians and Clinicians 
  • Nov 2022 in Chicago at American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine
    • Photophobia and TBI: Shedding Light on a Misunderstood Complaint 

Dr. Theis’s 2022 Lecture Schedule

  • July 22, 2022 Department of Defense Webinar
    • Photophobia in Brain Injury 
  • Sept 10, 2022 in Columbus, OH at Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association
    • Utility of Oculomotor Examination in Diagnosis of TBI in Cases of Domestic Violence
  • Sept 11, 2022 at the Maryland Optometric Association
    • Oculomotor Dysfunction in Concussion and Neuro-Optometry Grand Rounds
  • Sept 23, 2022 at  International Paediatric Brain Injury Society
    • Presence of Accommodative Dysfunction Post-Concussion in an Adult Population 
    • Light Re-adaptation Strategies for Post-Traumatic Photophobia and Clinical Considerations for Return to Screen Time 
    • OculoMotor and Vestibular Endurance Screening (MoVES) Protocol and Visual Quality of Life on an Adult Population 
  • Sept 25 – 29, 2022 in San Diego, CA  at American Academy of Optometry
    • Ocular Manifestations in Parkinson’s Disease
    • Differential Diagnosis of Photophobia
  • Sept 30, 2022:  Webinar for Canada
    • Fixational eye movement dysfunction in neurologic disease
  • December 2022 – Virginia Optometric Assoc. Evening Webinar with Dr. Etheredge
    • When the eye pain is a pain in the neck!

Dr. Wexler’s 2022 Lecture Schedule

  • Sept 22, 2022 in NYC at the Joint Conference (NABIS/IPBIS)
    • Chairing a symposium on Neuroendocrine Dysfunction After TBI: A Practical Approach to Evaluation and Management
  • November 2022 in Chicago at American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine
    • Neuroendocrine Dysfunction after TBI: Evaluation and Management from a Multidisciplinary Perspective
  • December 2022 in Vienna at World Congress NR in Vienna
    • Chairing a symposium on Pituitary deficiencies after brain injury: Making an impact in neurorehabilitation